Thursday, December 11, 2008

Typical Egyptian Male (Part 2)

11. He can't miss a chance to point out a flaw in you. "Isn't it about time you got that lasic operation."
12. He can't miss a chance to blame you. On the way out of a restaurant, he says: “Why didn't you get the bottle of water? I paid for it"
13. Whatever you do, he can't say a word of encouragement. "Oh my god, you paid money for this car!" "You are not doing your post graduate degree at the AUC, why the pain then?"
14. Being chased by a divorcee is a reason to make him proud of himself. "Soso betgry waraya."
15. The news of the same divorcee getting married all of sudden is nothing but a proof that she can't get him off her head. "Law maknetsh Soso fakadet elamal fi makanetsh etgawzet Heshmat."
16. Promises that he made early on, become negotiable by time. "Honey, I think I wouldn't be able to propose at the time being." This convo takes place 6 months after the promised wedding date.
17. If he sneezes, he spends an entire week in bed.
18. He has been a junkie, and a bearded religious man of god, and anything in between.
19. Definitely, when he graduated, he was qualified for a management position. It is only the luck of the competition that got them where they are now. "Tarek abouh kan gayblo wasta keda"
20. He considers obscenity an all-time humour. How many jokes do you hear starting with "Wa lama elmozza...."

Typical Egyptian Male (Part 1)


Om HAGAR said...

you made me laugh from my heart

Ahmose said...

Guess I'm 20-30% typical Egyptian male. Got to practice to improve my score :P