Thursday, December 11, 2008

Typical Egyptian Male (Part 1)

1. He lost all his savings; Stock Market, Rayan, Private Business, you name it.
2. He would rather be with a Russian girl, or any East European nationality for that matter. She wouldn't cost him after he had lost his money.
3. You are not allowed to do what he does. And that ranges from the simple issues of smoking and friends of the opposite sex to losing your virginity before marriage.
4. Your mom sucks and you listen to everything your mom says. Ever wondered who shaped that twisted perception; it his bloody mom.
5. You are fake and you are running after him, and that's why whenever he sees you he talks about nothing except a crush over an East European girl or the "Acclaimed 100, 000 LE" he lost in the stock market.
6. He has no sense of privacy whatsoever. He can browse the files on your mobile even without your approval. If you tell him "What the hell are you doing?" His answer would be "What the hell do you have to hide?"
7. He generalizes. You girls want to marry a rich guy. You girls would make a man miserable. You girls don't wear dresses.
8. He assumes that he is god's gift from heaven to you, and you don't desreve him. Hence he asks you to go over the border for him. "We are going to live with my mom." "I am only 30 Kgs over weight." "My ex loved more than you do and you have to be like her."
9. He sends you SMSs that go like this: "Ana Ga3an". And I envy those girls who manage to resist answering by "ETFA7".
10. He always has a silly excuse; from traffic jam to the silly boss to the money he has to make to please. "Who do I do all that for? I do it for you." So does that mean that he would leave the job if you break up, or that he would work less??

Wait for more....

Part 2


insomniac said...


i luv both parts :))

especially the "ETFA7"one :)

Mayo said...

LOL @ insomniac. Well, they tell you eltaree2 la2lb elragel me3deto, and they tell him so too. So smart-boy can't find anything to talk to you about but food.

Brownie said...

i love this post gedan...very true