Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm not even trying

This convo took place between myself and over 7 other people. I can't say enjoy, it is far from being fun.

Friend: Why do you have your personal message as bad mood.
Me: I am in a bad mood, I've been crying all morning
Friend: Anything went wrong?
Me: It has been a year since I left my previous job, during which I had not stopped looking for a job and I am still here
Friend: Work bothers us all, that's why we work
Me: I hate to repeat myself, my boss is a nightmare.
Friend: You chose it dear, live with it.
Me: It is not about the work, it is about having my boss as an example. Her life is a nightmare, she scares me.
Friend: Elaborate dear
Me: The melodrama, the loneliness, living alone. She has that life style and I am afraid of becoming her. I don't want to die alone, I don't want to die before I fall in love and live with the man I love.
Friend: You're still young.. you'll have plenty of time to feel this way when you're older live the moment.. don't spend your life waiting for a moment..
Me: Seeing your worst fears every day, doesn't transform you into an optimist
Friend: You are just stressed. It is PMT! Cheer up :)

The conclusion I reached the following day is: I have no compassion for her and I don't want to. I convinced myself that this is what's going to happen to me and to some of my friends eventually. I have to pretend that this life of loneliness is normal, acceptable and she is just spoiled.

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