Monday, January 3, 2011

Change the name of the game

- "So that double standards dumb-ass that you call friend is giving you hell!"
- "Please don't call him so"
- "Honey that's what you call him when you aren't drowning in your tears like you are now"
- "I hate him and I hate you"
- "So if you are that angry, just go tell him you are angry there is no use bottling up your anger"
- "I will not tell him I am angry. When I tell him I am angry and I keep blaming him, what I am actually doing is giving him a chance to pretend to be the patient person who puts up with my ranting. Then, he would throw in a half hearted apology that he thinks would wipe the slate clean."
- "That's not enough for you, huh?"
- "No, it is not enough. I don't blame and cry and get the drama queen out to get the same attitude. I want an amended attitude."
- "But sweetheart, you are wasting your energy. You can't change the people to suit your preferences."
- "I am not."
- "You want an amendment. That is a change in its essence."
- "But I want things to go back to how they used to."
- "Nothing remains the same. But if you want a change so bad, you have got to make a decision to change them yourself. Change the name of the game."
- "Or maybe I should end it. It is better to have no game."