Saturday, August 8, 2009


Summary of IDA Monthly Achievements

Shouldn't I be happy?
I should. I am counting down towards my final days at my current job, which I hate.
If you need more reference to how much I loved my job, go here.
There is no way that anyone can get rid of regret. Even when you choose the best of two bad options, or when you walk away from trouble, or when you quit a bad habit, or even have a new hobby.
You would always counter argue the benefits of your current situation with stuff like: I could have delayed my decision, I could have fought a little longer and got some privileges, Smoking was bad but fun, I can spend hours at the gym but it is very expensive.
So for my job, I could have made a right decision to go there to the best of my knowledge then.. But know to the best of my knowledge, I can't stay there for one more month.

Did I mention that one of my friends thinks that this job was slimming down my chances in getting married? Or did I tell you that my professor tells me that I am lair and a thief for accepting that job? Not that I agree with any of them, but this information would make me look more of a victim to the 5 people who will read this post.

I also found a cockroach in my coffee, the AC hasn't been working for over a month and the toilets and the dirtiest ever.

But all that wouldn't have mattered, if any of the assignments I had worked on had seen the light. I wouldn't have mattered if sick leaves were not deducted from my annual vacation balance. And finally, if I didn't have to rewrite each document no less than 30 times just to get it out in the perfect shape and have it thrown away.

Life is too short to spend in a job you don't like. It is also too short to spend jobless. All situations are unfair.

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