Monday, April 20, 2009

I am not a big fan of Easter

So let me be straight forward about it.. The first time I witnessed Easter I was 11 and I don't like it since then.

Starting with the facts: I don't know the difference between feseekh and renga. I practically don't care to learn the different names that we give to fish when it is rotten. My parents never bought it, the natural conclusion is they both never liked it.

I have this thing about not observing the traditions of any occaision. Proudly, I am the one who orders fish on the first day of the greater Bairam.

And now the coloured eggs, they are perfect as long as you are under the age of 10 or surrounded by children of that age. The issue of coloured eggs doesn't end there. My mom used to go on and on for hours about how I should not eat coloured eggs because we don't know if the colours used are safe or not.

Mom invented a new way, later on. She used to pierce the eggs, get empty them and use there insides for cooking. Then she gave us the semi-perfect shell for us to colour. Too much fun for my sisters, until an egg broke then the tragedy would start. However, my real tragedy was: I was already past the age of ten, and I was so uninterested.

I would want to go on with how much I loved the Easter outing which had elsa7er we elaragouz. But I think it is fair enough to tell you that I was 12 and 13 years old and dragged by my parents to such events for my sisters' entertainment. Of course any girl at the age of 12 day dreams about nothing but elaragouz beta3 sham elnessim's outing.

So today we are having steak for lunch, there is no fish in the house and I have not seen a single coloured egg. I am in peace with Easter.


Om HAGAR said...

I'm with you in what you said about fesi7' & renga but I want just to clarify to you that renga isn't wrotten fish it is smoked salted fish so its taste isn't that bad that you imagine.

personally I like renga but I don't like easter & I never get out in easter.

another thing I want to clarify to you. eating lamb's meat in the big bariam isn't a tradition it is "سنة مؤكدة عن سيدنا محمد عليه الصلاة و السلام" so it is important to get strict to it especially the first day as the breakfast after doing the prayers.

you have a nice blog & I'm happy to visit it & wish you'll visit mine too :)

Mayo said...

Thanks Om Hagar,
Hmmm I hope you are not proposing that I try renga, because one friend just invited me to renga and feseekh lunch over the weekend and I passed.